Hex Check Blue Slate Throw XL

Hex Check Blue Slate Throw XL


Pure New Wool Picnic Rug

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Hex Check Blue Slate Throw XL.
Transform any space with this striking Blanket.
Designed to be oversized this blanket will look great at the foot of a king size bed or draped over a sofa. Crafted by expert weavers from pure new wool it’s the perfect blanket to get cosy under.

Wool has air pockets within its fibres that help to regulate temperate – meaning that it keeps you warm when you’re cool and cool when you’re warm. As well as being an insulator it’s also hypoallergenic, super soft and a circular fabric source – because as long as there is grass to graze on the sheep will continue to produce new fleece.

Machine wash 30C wool cycle – see care label for details

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Dimensions 170 cm