Ethics & Sustainability

All our solid Teak, Mahogany, Acacia & Mango furniture comes from SVLK licensed workshops in Indonesia.
Our company in Indonesia is an SVLK Registered and audited company.

What this means is that we are a legally certified company that can export timber products to Europe and all other countries around the world and comply with the FLEGT requirements. The FLEGT requirement is a European Requirement to ensure only legal wood is presented on the European market.

We have completed our latest audit in December 2020 and were fully approved for continued use of our license. This Audit is very thorough and takes from three to five days to complete with a Team of four external auditors.

All our Teak (Tectona Grandis) wood comes from a legal plantation source, specifically grown for the use of value-added manufacturing in Indonesia. No raw logs or wood are permitted for export and brings added value to the raw materials at source.

The wood we use in our furniture comes from plantations grown to produce the wood for Industry. Our Mango timber only cones from trees that are no longer commercially viable for their fruit and require replanting with younger trees.

Each shipment we export has a v-legal certification to verify the legality and sustainability of the materials we use in our products. This certificate is verified at point of import to assure our buyers as to the legality of our materials used.

While the V-Legal and FLEGT laws have been ratified and put into force only since January 2017, we as a responsible company in Indonesia always worked to and supported the implementation of these standards from company conception.

The status of our products extends way beyond the legality of the wood. The SVLK requirements encompass, Employee/Employer Legal obligations, Social obligations, Nuisance (noise pollution), Health & Safety, waste management and recycling.

Social development and care for our workers is one of the ethical foundations of our company in Indonesia. The cornerstone of our business is mutual respect.

During this COVID-19 period we alternated the days of our workforce weekly, to sort out the social distancing. Each of the workforce were given a comprehensive pack on COVID-19 as here in Ireland. They have full access to hand washing and sanitising facilities. We have eliminated TB from our workforce over the past number of years through the use of masks and health education (dealing with covid-19 has been made easier by this practice).

We employ temperature checks on entering and leaving the work areas. In the meantime, we maintained full payment as there is no social safety net in Indonesia for such circumstances, where most workers live day to day financially. While ongoing we extended all the properties to be in a position to bring the full workforce back safely. Thankfully until today we have had no incidence within our workforce, even though community transmission is present.

Prior to entering a port in Indonesia each consignment is presented for verification and only after the issuance of the V-Legal License number can the shipment be approved for export. This in turn generates an FLEGT document which is presented both to customs and the relevant Irish Authorities for checking and confirming that the consignment complies and allowed to be cleared in Europe.
We are a very proactive company with regards to the use only of Legal timber and the support and development of our workforce.

For information, Tectona Grandis is a non-native species of tree that does not grow in the rainforests but was introduced to Java (where we are based) as a commercial timber for plantation purposes. Part of the requirements of the legal source is that harvested plantation areas must be rehabilitated and replanted. All of this is very positive and moves in the correct direction.
The system we employ is a very onerous and rigid verification of COC (Chain of Custody) and we have full time employees engaged in this process, along with an appointed consultancy firm
You can rest assured that all our timber only comes from verifiable legal sources and all our employees are engaged on terms above the Ministry of Manpower requirements.